The Dam: a Guix public access server

The Dam is a PubNix –a public access UNIX server–: a computer running the GNU Guix operating system, shared by different people over the internet.

Get lifetime ('s life, not yours) access for 10€!

Also the The Dam is an experiment in shared and distributed computing:

To quote dmr, one of the co-creators of UNIX, writing about what they wanted to preserve from Multics to what would become UNIX:

What we wanted to preserve was not just a good environment in which to do programming, but a system around which a fellowship could form. We knew from experience that the essence of communal computing, as supplied by remote-access, time-shared machines, is not just to type programs into a terminal instead of a keypunch, but to encourage close communication.

–Dennis M. Ritchie, The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System

The Dam also draws inspiration from the tildeverse.

The Dam launched on <2023-04-21 Fri>, as of <2024-03-18 Mon> the following features are available:

Documentation is being written on the go, see the Documentation index for a breakdown by topic. Popular articles inlcude:

Upcoming features:

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Features come and go as the community adopts or eschews them.

Adding users is a manual process. Actual access will be granted a few hours (72 at most, but usually much sooner) after the membership fees are paid.

Get lifetime ('s life, not yours) access for 10€!